Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sugar Glider: the X-men may be uncanny, but this is proper canny!

Two of my fellow PaperJam Comics Collective members Gary Bainbridge and Daniel Clifford created a comic series called Sugar Glider, 2 issues and an extra comic of short stories from the Sugar Glider world.

So why did I choose to make a blog entry about Sugar Glider?

1. It's a very good comic.

2. Seldom do I have the chance as GEORDIE Green Lantern to share my enthusiasm for a comic set in NEWCASTLE, so it is an honour for me to do so.

Now I'm going to list what makes Sugar Glider a very comic.

1. The setting of Newcastle gives the story a good sense of realism. The bonus for Geordies is that they will have walked through various locations in the comic.

2. The idiosyncratic nature of the art.

3. The clarity of the writing and use of the Geordie accent/dialect.

4. A balanced mixture of daily life concerns and extraordinary situations.

5. A strong and engaging female protagonist.

6. The facial expressions of the characters convey a wide variety of emotions.

7. A great concept: a Geordie superhero.

8. A story filled with suspense, comedy, intrigue, family life, variety, detail and secret identities!

9. Issue 1 contains a newspaper article from the Sugar Glider universe!

10. Issue 2 comes with bonus fan art!

It's an impressive comic like. Divn't you agree man?

Aye it's proper mint leek. Alreet here's me approval. The day am ganna approve of Sugar Glider comics.