Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Crane, Poole and Schmidt sued me and won my heart

That is the intro to one of my favourite TV programmes which I have just finished for the first time: Boston Legal. Usually I hate things about law firms and courtrooms, especially big American dramas of them. I don't usually find them entertaining and certainly find them repetitive and too serious. I love things like Daredevil, Phoenix Wright and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at law!

Let me get to the point from the outset: Boston Legal is clever, varied, funny, sometimes silly and absurd yet at other times moving and heart touching. Some of the characters change, but all of them can be fascinating and unique. 

The last scene is just beautiful and wonderful. 

Here's just a little something I have found for the characters. 

Carl Sack- I didn't like him at first- he seemed a bit too inflexible but then things changed!

Jerry Espensen- a brilliant lawyer with or without his prop cigarette

Katie Lloyd- a British lawyer who is kind and radiates a stereotypical cheeriness!

Paul Lewiston- he is quite a by the book fellow, in being that way helping maintain stability.

Ten-hut! Make way for the ex-marine Brad Chase!

Watch out Denise Bauer! 

Lori Colson is aware there might be a wild Alan Shore lurking. 

Oh no he dit'nt! Clarice Bell in action!

Not to forget these:

And of course, the man, the legend: 

Over to you Norman Osborn!

Thank you Geordie Green Lantern. That's a canny good show like. Today I approve of: 

Denny Crane!