Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My 5 favourite badasses with scarves

Now I love a scarf. I have one scarf which is practical in the cold, it is my travelling scarf. Coincidentally it is the same colour and looks a lot like the one worn by one of the characters below, (actually 2 now that I've checked) but which two! I also have a scarf which is one I only wear on my best occasions, such as Paperjam or meeting my Grandparents.

Mia Fey- the mentor of Phoenix Wright

Lana Skye- the mentor of Miles Edgeworth

Greninja, the water ninja Pokémon!
Monkey D Dragon- the legendary revolutionary of One Piece!

Killer B, a legendary swordsman from the Village of Clouds

So now over to you Norman Osborn!

Many thanks Geordie Green Lantern! Today I approve of your 5 favourite badasses with scarves!