Wednesday, 14 August 2013

It's the moon!

The moon has been mystifying us and been a symbol of our sensuality and romanticism for thousands of years if not longer. In the collective consciousness it has been symbolic of beautiful things like goddesses, magic and mankind's desire to go beyond the heavens above us. It has also been symbolic of monstrous curses and illusions.

I was in a pub with some friends after the last comics evening 6 days ago, and they inspired this blog entry. We were talking about the beauty of the game Majora's Mask and that conversation planted the seeds to this little blog entry. So this is dedicated to you, Faye Stacey, Tom Graham and Jack Fallows!

Now let's get to my top 3 creepy moons with faces ever:

The Mighty Boosh moon, a fairly creepy but sagely and witty moon.

The Soul Eater Moon, a disturbing moon of insanity and madness.


The Majora's Mask moon, and in my opinion the most malevolent moon that has ever been created. It fills the soul with despair, panic and a terror of absolute destruction. Good thing masks of a fierce deity are scattered throughout the human heart, small fragments of burning hope in the omnidirectional darkness. 

Now for something a little bit- lighter, beautiful images in the context of the moon!

Here are some moon related videos, I hope you enjoy!

And I leave you there, with the singular defining song of my childhood! Over to you Norman Osborn!

Thank you Geordie Green Lantern! Today I approve of: moons and mooniness!

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