Thursday, 26 November 2015

Time Travel and Time travellers.

Today I am going to mention some of my favourite time travelers, or series with time travelling in of some sort.

Back to the Future.

What I like about it: good characters, one of the coolest cars ever and some cool stuff as well as funny moments and changes shown over the course of time.

Next: Dragonball, which has a story arc about time travel.

What I like about it: Trunks sent from the future to save the past, and there's lots of fighting with stronger and stronger opponents. Time travel, battle shounen manga style!

Dr. Who.

What I like about it: The Doctor (because he is such a legend!)

And The Master, or Missy as she now calls herself, because she's hilarious, and a necessary counter to the Doctor.


What I like about it: time travel with Egyptian mythology.

Captain Marvel.

What I like about it: Kelly Sue DeConnick's story about Captain Marvel and the Kree psyche-magnetron.

Sailor Moon.

What I like about it: The Moon Kingdom.

The Terminator.

What I like about it: Arnie as a baddie, then a goodie. Also the whole prevent the dystopian future and evil tech corporation thing.

The X-men.

What I like about it: all the different versions, but particularly Apocalypse, Bishop and Cable.

Stein;s Gate.

What I like about it: the technology was quite interesting, and the characters varied.


What I like about it: this image above.


What I like about this. The ocarina and all the gorgeous music.

Now over to you Norman Osborn!

My thanks, Geordie Green Lantern. Today I approve of: Molly Hayes punching The Punisher.

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