Sunday, 4 April 2010

"In brightest day, in blackest night, Geordie colours are black and white"

First, I have no interest in football. I really dislike the sport and the culture that surrounds it, especially when a city beautiful for a variety such as Newcastle is associated strongly with this culture as if that's all it has. We have 2 respectable universities, some great architecture if you just look above and around you, and various sources of entertainment and interest. We have at least 2 unique theatres, one more of a classical, traditional theatre i.e. the Theatre Royal and something of a more modern, contemporary style i.e. the Live Theatre. We also have some mint comic shops, which is more of the interest of this blog than the stuff posted above haha.

Good I've got that off my chest. I did start with a football reference which leads me to Pratchett's newest discworld book: unseen academicals. It is about football, but it is Discworld, so it is a good read. I really liked his portrayal of the orc in the story- gentle, kind, academic. Pratchett portays orcs like anyone else- good and bad, not necessarily the monsters they are described as. He does this in other books when he is introducing different races in his series such as trolls, dwarfs and vampires. Some of them are bastards and some of them are alright, just like humans.

Next on my blogging agenda is a manga series that has caught my attention recently, and is something I have been catching up to at a fairly fast pace. The manga is: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Now part of the reason I have been reading it at a fairly fast pace is because there is a LOT of it to read. In Japan it has been going since 1987 and with a few reasonable gaps here and there is still going. I found out it inspired both Shaman King and Yu-Gi-Oh, in that it deals with shonen (boy's manga) heroes who can summon personal spirits to aid them in battle, called Stands. It is full of action, it has charasmatic masculine characters, a good dose of humour and beautiful artwork, detailed to almost seinen level of manga art.

Jotaro Kujo and his Stand: Star Platinum

The manga weeklies (and for the sake of this week, released monthlies and bimonthlies- I'm looking at you Claymore and D.Gray-Man): SPOILER ALERT!

Fairy Tail: A nice chapter, putting our heroes in further danger against the Exceed cat race.

D.Gray-Man: The art was excellent as ever and I loved the mangastream scans. However I want the story to move onto more action as opposed to an entire chapter about the past in the next Jump issue. 2 months until the next chapter...

Claymore: Yagi really delivers a nice dose of demon arsekicking as usual. Priscilla finally goes abyss mode, so she now has MORE power to kill everyone including the good guys.

Bleach: I wonder when Aizen will perform his next hax move. Will it turn out Isshin is actually fighting and owning one of the good guys who Aizen has tricked him into thinking is him? Or is the action actually real this time? Kubo has been a pretty bad writer lately, overpowering his main villain and wasting chapters on things we think have happened but are actually part of an illusion. Gin reappeared, hooray! He told Aizen he wasn't sightseeing, I have an

Gin wasn't sightseeing, I reckon he wasn't by Aizen's side not because he thought Aizen could handle himself without his assistance, but because he was drinking a hot beverage with this guy:

This image not only expresses my view of who Gin was really with but is also a reply to Sosuke Aizen's constantly smug bastard face every single chapter of Bleach he appears in.

Naruto: The key passed on from Jiraiya is finally being given to Naruto, so in all likelihood Naruto will soon have the full power of the demon fox at his disposal. Hope that comes in handy against "hax eye" Uchihas in the future. Also the sage toad predicted Naruto would meet an octopus, which pretty much means Killerbee can't be caught by the new and possibly improved ZombieAkatsuki as half controlled by Kabuto(maru). Also, Tsunade is improving in health and regaining energy by binging food in a way Luffy would be proud of!

One Piece: There are many reasons I nickname this series "One Piece of Awesomeness". This week it is Captain Shanks. The Navy were murdering pirates, pirates were trying to murder the Navy and retrieve the body of their nakama Whitebeard. Shanks tells them to stop and BOTH sides instantly stop. That's how powerful he is. I knew he was powerful but doing that makes him and is crew even more awesome.

Hunter X Hunter: Pufu is getting closer to his death each week with his inadvertant treachery to King Meruem. Kilua is ready to take him down if Pufu enters his en circle. Here's hoping Togashi isn't going to go on hiatus for a while. A weak hope indeed.

Now I, Geordie Green Lantern am going to hand you over to Norman Osborn for the final word:

Thank you Geordie Green Lantern.

Today, I norman Osborn approve of Deadpool's Chimichanga, in association with Snicktbub

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