Saturday, 10 April 2010

Dr Who episode 2

Right, good evening readers! Today I'm going to have a special focus on the second episode of the new Dr Who episode 2.
A couple of minutes in and is slightly creepy with those horrible clown like grinning manaquin things. Some red hellish portal appears and a kid falls in it.

Finally we arrive back to the tardis with serene music and of course the wonderfully manic, eccentric doctor, this one the 11th incarnation played by Matt Smith.

I like the sky country idea, it reminds me of Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines series of books.

I sense a dystopian world theme, but I'm new to Dr. Who so I am prone to sounding like a noob about it. Such as asking my housemate why the Doctor doesn't lock the Tardis when he was away from it. He sensibly replied: because he does lock it. Ah makes sense.

I haven't absorbed some of the basic details yet. Being new to the series I'm still looking at it with a sense of fresh amazement, I hope that stays.
Wow a badass Red Riding Hood appeared, calling herself the Queen. Mint. Wait she is the Queen. Cool. I felt sorry for the star whale though.

And now over to my regular guest: Norman Osborn.

Thank you Geordie Green Lantern. Today I approve of: cosmic whales.


  1. I wonder if cosmic whales speak the same language as normal whales, if they do I'd want to attempt to strike up a conversation with it. Think Finding Nemo

  2. I would want to talk to a cosmic whale anyway if I could. I mean if it hasn't decided to eat me by that point if I'm facing it then I might as well say hello!