Wednesday, 20 February 2013

It's going to be legen- wait for it- dary!

I've been a fan of How I Met Your Mother since 2011 when I would watch random episodes on the tv. I just finished the 4th series on dvd and I'm glad I am getting the box sets. The series is really funny watched in any order but I'm a devout chronologist wherever I can be.

The basic premise of the programme is this bloke Ted telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. It is commonly described as a love story in reverse. It centers around Ted and his four friends Barney, Lily, Marshall and Robin and their various relationships, lives and particularly in Barney's case, sexual conquests.

The series goes through a vast number of funny anecdotes and stories, too many to list. So this blog entry is going to focus on the main cast, the 5 main characters, in order from right to left of the above photo (a wink to the the reversed nature of the programme).

First is Marshall Eriksen. He is a lovable and very intelligent lawyer. He is engaged to Lily and they operate as a couple with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails. He has worked for a big corporate law firm although he has strong aspirations to become an environmental lawyer. He is a very endearing character although there are occasions where he has crowning moments of badass, where he reminds people who intend to hurt his friends he can go from a big cuddly teddy bear to a fierce bear of Viking descent.

Next we have Lily Aldren. She is a cute and kindhearted kindergarten teacher and artist. Engaged to Marshall they function as a couple. She hasn't made her main career as an artist but has the qualities needed to do well in her career as a teacher: kind, considerate and patient. She is quite adorable and funny, but also has a fabulous dark side (a sexual ferocity) which makes her character even more interesting.

Right in the middle, since it is ultimately his story is Ted Mosby. He is an undying romantic and at the same time delightfully cynical and pedantic in other regards. Even if his relationship with one woman is failing, it doesn't stop him from believing that there is one woman out there for him. He is quite a nice contrast to himself comically, since one one hand his wit can be dry and sophisticated with a hint of snark, but on the other hand he has a tendency to tell corny yet uplifting "dad" jokes. He is both an architect and a meta-architect. An architect by profession, and a meta-architect by way of being omnipresent within the story and externally as the narrator, putting together the building materials of his and his friends' stories  into a grand, amazing structure.

Now we have Robin Scherbatsky. She is a sexy and passionate news reader. She is single but she has tried her best at relationships many times and continues with a sense of determination but also fun. She may be independent but she is dependable and loyal to her friends, even if she has had complicated relationships with 2 of the other 5 core characters of HIMYM. Some of her relationships can get complex due to her devotion to her job but I find her energy to her goals deeply admirable.

She doesn't usually dress like this but I'm sorry I had to!

While I am in the mood here is something else I found funny:

Finally, but not ignored (I deliberately added him last), is Barney Stinson. He is an executive whose exact job role is still mysterious. He is the lovable womanizer of the group, reveling in a bachelor life of women, drink, adventures and challenges. Although he is very much a one night stand man (with one notable exception) his loyalty to his friends is intense, particularly how ferociously he claims to be Ted's best friend. His charisma is pretty incredible, and his overall trope in my opinion would be jerk with a heart of gold, he can be selfish and cruel but ultimately he's a good and entertaining fellow.

Before I give this blog entry over to my regular guest Norman Osborn, I have a Ted style joke to tell. The joke was the second thing I thought of when creating this blog after the title, and was the reason why I put Barney as my last character of this post.

If Barney owned a farm of cows would it be legen- wait for it- dairy?

Haha I enjoyed that joke! Today I approve of: suiting up!

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