Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Objection! Villainous breakdown alert!

It's been a while! Those who know me know that my favourite game series of all time is Phoenix Wright. Usually I try to go in depth with my geekery but not this time. Ironically because of the nature of the games, this post is meant to be light hearted.


One of my favourite elements of Phoenix Wright is the villainous breakdowns, in which you have finally brought a killer to justice and they reveal their true ugly selves via a dramatic and quite often hilarious breakdown. Not all of these breakdowns are from killers, but if not then they will be accomplices or have committed some crime related to the murder.

But enough of my preamble!

Here are my top 12 villain reaction shots, they are not in chronological order.

#12: Bubble Beam!

#11: Squidgy Face!

#10: My hat seems to be chewy pizza dough!

#9: Lawlz! XD

#8: 1000 hairs of death!

#7: Freizaaaaaaaa!

#6: Head Banging extreme!

#5: Roaaaaaarrrrrr!

#4: The Penguin has been foiled Batman!

#3: Scratchy scratchy face!

#2: Kaboom!

#1: Danger, danger, high voltage!

Now it is time for Norman Osborn to have his approval of the day!

Thank you Geordie Green Lantern. Today I approve of: Objections! Take that! (the Phoenix Wright phrase not the pop group) Hold It! And Villain Breakdowns!

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