Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Celebrity Homes

This is the third time I have had the pleasure to write a blog about something a friend has created, or been creatively involved in. The first was my piece on Sugar Glider, my second on Driver San Francisco and now my third is on Celebrity Homes, a book written by my friend and fellow Paperjam Comics Collective member Lydia Wysocki. This isn't a review but a blog entry on what I liked about the book and what I got from it. This blog entry will focus on 3 sections: the sense of humour, the subject itself and what else I liked.

Before that a note on the cover: I think it is well drawn and I love the grass effect!

The sense of humour
  • The bread tree joke
  • Some puns scattered throughout
  • Satire of empty modern celebrities, but also of some older celebrities
  • Not just that but polite and witty mentions of other people
  • To top this section off, I will say that there is also a strong sense of fun, intelligent and well educated humor
The subject itself
  • Although I am more a symphonic metal fan myself, the book intrigues me to musicians I have heard of but haven't really had a chance to get into yet such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Hank Williams
  • I am already a fan of both Elvis Presley and Bob Marley though
  • The book is by no means just about musical celebrities, it has a generous amount about writers too, which is actually Quite Interesting
  • Particularly impressive in this regard is the piece on George Orwell, and I am VERY much a fan of his work
What else I liked

  • The sense of a journey, both of the individual celebrities and of the homes Lydia visited which became research for the book
  • The artwork is beautiful in both detail and variety of different types of homes portrayed
  • Also the chapter covers are engaging
  • I found there to be many relatable and interesting points, most notably the bit about B & Bs, the word 'geek' and the word 'hip'
  • Not to forget a point on English literature and curriculum I agree entirely with
  • The fact that I own one of 100 copies of the first print!
  • A portion of the book sales being donated to a good cause
  • Proper acknowledgement of people who helped make the book
  • Thank yous to people Lydia has not met
  • A good FAQ section 
Here is a link to where you can buy the book online:

Over to you Norman Osborn!

Thank you Geordie Green Lantern. Today I approve of: well written books such as Celebrity Homes.

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