Thursday, 3 March 2011


This completed comic series is good in so many different ways: religious themes, plot, characterization, collected human emotions, comedy, the wild west, the deep south and so much more.

It is both cosmic and small town at the same time. We get large scale cosmic conflict between potent entities but we also get squabbles on the local level in rural communities and inter-family disputes and rivalries.

The broad, literary inclusion of many elements which makes this series so great is enriched by a strong history, which although is partly fictional (in that the characters don't exist in real life), it encompasses a broad scale of time which adds further depth to the already strong narrative.

The billions of years of cosmic activity, the millions of years of Earth forming and growing, the thousands of years of humans surviving, the millenia of religious struggle and development, the centuries of social change, upheaval and evolution, the lifetime struggle of a family, the childhood and growing up of a man, the months and weeks searching for the highest being, the hours of desperate frenzied climax, the tender moments with his love.

All these intertwine a great yet finely detailed tapestry of a brilliantly written, detailed, artistic yet gritty and necessarily violent masterpiece.

Norman Osborn, it's your turn to speak, let there be voice brotha!

Thank you Geordie Green Lantern. Today I approve of the Saint of Killers.

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