Tuesday, 17 May 2011

If I made a team of Green Green Lanterns!

This blog post and the eight companion pieces that will follow will be about which characters I would select if I were to make a team of Green Lanterns based on a strong connection with the colour green, be it skin colour, outfits, hair colour, I suppose even things like the energy they fire etc. I will be working on a similar train of thought for the other Lantern teams, and of course I will have a twin for each team, the twin being a serious version based on the traits the rings represent. Without further ado here's the Green Green Lanterns!

The Green Ranger AKA the one who turned evil and the same actor came back as the White Ranger!

Ho ho ho Green Giant!

Elphaba Thropp, more commonly referred to as the Wicked Witch of Oz, although she wasn't as bad as she was made out to be.

Piccolo who in the Dragonball Z films was AKA Big Green!

She Hulk AKA Shulk or Shulkie!

Fear his green cape, Dr. Doom or outside evil Doctor Associations, Victor Von Doom!

Sailor Jupiter, the earth powered Sailor Senshi!

The wise and venerable Master Yoda!

Link, here to save you from Ganon!

Gon Freecs, the chirpy hunter!

Over to you Norman!

Thanks Geordie Green Lantern. Today I approve of: Green Green Lanterns!

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