Thursday, 26 May 2011

My ideal Yellow Lantern (Sinestro Corps) team

This is the team of Yellow Lanterns I would actually assemble if I had a choice.

Frieza: He may not be the most powerful Dragonball character but he is a good candidate for the Yellow Ring. He goes round exterminating planets, terrorising and torturing their residents, he is an emperor of fear.

Sauron of Lord of The Rings fame represents terror because he not only scares the shit out of some of his opponents but also rules his minions by fear.

Deidara is pretty much a bishie suicide bomber, terrifying in both his conviction and nothing to lose approach. Fear is his art.

Ah good old Dr. Doom. He only wants people to fear him, and destroy Reed Richards of course. He will exterminate any who get in his way including innocent children.

Fear Darth Vadar! He shares with Dr. Doom an inhuman creepiness and a strong merciless streak, even against his own family.

Finally we have Batman, the only hero of my ideal Yellow Lantern team. Although clearly a good guy his philosophy and fighting style revolves around scaring the shit out of his enemies.

Now over to Mr. Osborn!

My thanks Geordie Green Lantern. Today I approve of: fear.

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