Thursday, 26 May 2011

My ideal Purple Lantern (Indigo Tribe) Team

This is the actual team I would put together to be members of the Indigo Tribe who represent compassion.

Piccolo would be a good Purple Lantern bacause he started off the reincarnation of evil then developed a soft spot for Gohan who he trained and as indicated in the picture above sacrificed his life for. He did seek power a little bit like most shonen heroes but he was always concerned with the welfar of his adopted home planet Earth.

Sailor Mercury is the voice of reason in Sailor Moon's Sailor Senshi, but I think she is also the most compassionate of the group. She's always worried about the welfare of the others and she is thoughtful as well as full of thought.

I put Yoshimitsu as a Purple Lantern because he is basically the Robin Hood of Soul Calibur and Tekken: concerned with the welfare of impoverished people of the world and prepared to fight injustice on their behalf, because of a desire to show compassion.

Red Haired Shanks from the world of One Piece would be a very good Purple Lantern in my opinion. Even though he is hugely important in the balance of power of the pirate world, he was prepared to sacrifice his life to save a little boy he barely knew.

Shiekh would be a good choice because she helps the hero when he is in trouble and needs an extra bit of assistance. She doesn't like to see him struggle more than he already has done.

Now it's your turn to speak Norms!

Haha, thanks Geordie Green Lantern. Today I approve of: compassion.

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