Thursday, 26 May 2011

My ideal White Lantern Team

This post is the final post in my Colour Colour/ Serious Lantern Corps series of blogs. I am glad to finally reach the end of it since it meant having to finding a lot of pictures but it was a fun experience (even if I am the only person who has read it if any have not :p). This final post in the series is about the White Lantern Corps Team I would build, based on characters who essentually represent life, in it's colourful glory!

Where Venom (right of image) represents death and decay, Anti-Venom (left of image) represents life and healing. He is not about the celebratory aspects of life but survival. He would make a good White Lantern for this trait.

Discworld's Nanny Ogg has more life and vitality to her than any other character I have ever encountered in anything, she is a marvellous character indeed. She is the spirit of the party, filled with kindness and energy.

Jiraiya- Naruto's sensei, what can I say? He writes, he fights, he drinks, he lusts, he lives! Jiraiyaseems to get the most out of life and is a character with more personality than most in the series. He's a hero too, but most remember him as a loveable goofball, filled with eccentric life!

A man of many lives The Doctor has therefore lived a lot. He must have experienced so much in his 900 odd years it's hard to comprehend how much memory capacity he must have. He goes through all the emotions humans go through, has suffered far more than we could possibly have because he has lived so much longer, yet the important part he has lived and enjoyed life for a long time so he would make a superb White Lantern. Also he has a scientific enthusiam and loveable eccentricity rarely held by many other characters.

I now pass this recording of life to you Norman Osborn!

My thanks to you Geordie Green Lantern! Today I approve of: life!

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