Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My ideal Green Lantern Team

The Green Green Lanterns have been decided, now for the team I would assemble based on characters who possess a lot of willpower.

Monkey D luffy. He may not be the most powerful character in One Piece, but he will become the pirate King by sheer willpower and charisma.

Roronoa Zolo: Luffy's right hand man and First Mate of the Going Sunny, the pirate ship of the Strawhats. Zolo is a damage sponge, no matter how injured he gets (and he is easily the most injured Strawhat) he gets up and keeps on fighting to protect his team and innocents from the navy and other pirates.

Son Goku. He is one of the most persistant characters in Dragonball, overcoming trials many couldn't and becoming stronger and surviving battles by sheer will. He became the most powerful character in the series, but at the beginning he had many enemies stronger than him.

Granny Weatherwax. No matter what happens she will not give in, she is feared partly because of her determination or willpower and really is a force to be respectful of.

The Scarlet Witch. If bending reality to your own whim doesn't make you a force of will I don't know what does.

I now present to you my regular guest: Mr. Norman Osborn!

Thank you Geordie Green Lantern. Today I approve of: willpower.

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